Opportunity Zone Glossary of Terms

Opportunity Zone Glossary

Opportunity zones are new tax incentives created by the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. But since they are so new, many people are still wrapping their heads around them. In this article, we are going to define a few terms and acronyms that relate to opportunity zones.

QOZ – Qualified Opportunity Zone

A qualified opportunity zone is a designated area in which business must be conducted for the opportunity zone tax benefits to apply.

QOF – Qualified Opportunity Fund

A qualified opportunity fund is a partnership, C corporation, or S corporation in which a taxpayer can invest in and defer eligible gain on the sale of property.

QOZP – Qualified Opportunity Zone Property

A qualified opportunity zone property can be a qualified opportunity zone business property (QOZB) or an interest in a subsidiary that conducts qualified opportunity zone business.

QOZB – Qualified Opportunity Zone Business

A qualified opportunity zone business is a subsidiary that conducts qualified opportunity zone business and must meet the definition of a QOZB in order to do so.

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