Competing for 1031 Replacement Property in a Hot Real Estate Market

Hot Real Estate Market

When the real estate market is hot, finding the right replacement property for your 1031 exchange is all the more difficult. Even when you do find a replacement property that you love, it may get snatched from beneath you before you can close the deal. In this article, we are going to offer some tips when competing for replacement property in a 1031 exchange.

The Reverse Exchange Option

If you are finding it hard to secure the replacement property you want; if all the properties you look at are getting snatched up by other buyers – then a reverse exchange is your best bet. With a reverse 1031 exchange, you can purchase your replacement property before you sell your relinquished property. This is essentially the opposite order of a typical 1031 exchange. Reverse exchanges are especially useful in hot real estate markets when properties are selling fast. A reverse exchange allows you to grab a replacement property without waiting until your relinquished property sale goes through. Then, within the following 180 days, you sell your relinquished property to complete the exchange.

Reverse Exchanges of Like-Kind Property

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