The 1031 Exchange Process Part 2: Identification & Replacement Property

1031 Exchange Process Properties

Recently, we began a conversation about the 1031 exchange process. In this article, we are going to continue our discussion of the 1031 exchange process - from replacement property identification to completion.

Identification & Exchange Period Commence

You are now in the 45-day identification and 180-day exchange periods.  These time frames run concurrently.   Note that the 180-day period can be shortened to your deadline for the filing of your federal tax return, for the year in which the sale occurred.

Identify the Replacement Property

Before the end of the 45-day identification period, you must fax or send us a detailed list of the Replacement Property you intend to acquire. We prefer that you use the form we supplied you in our initial timeframe letter.  You must sign the identification form and clearly and unambiguously describe the Replacement Property.  We recommend that your letter be postmarked and sent by US Mail to prove that you sent us the identification during the 45-day period. If you plan on faxing in your identification, please fax to CPEC at (612) 395-5475.

Purchase/Sale Agreement for the Replacement Property

Enter into a purchase/sale agreement(s) and add a cooperation clause as you did in the first transaction. Please fax the replacement property purchase/sale agreement to CPEC at (612) 395-5475.

Select a Closing Company

Arrange for a title company or attorney to close your transaction.  Make sure you tell the closing agent that this transaction is going to be a 1031 exchange and that CPEC is serving as your Qualified Intermediary. Once you have your closing title company selected, please notify CPEC of your pending closing.

Replacement Property Closing

CPEC will contact the closing agent and obtain any additional information needed to set up the replacement closing for you.  We will prepare the 1031 replacement documents and send two sets of these documents directly to the closing agent. At closing, you will sign the replacement property exchange documents along with your other closing documents.  The closing agent should give you one set of the documents for you to keep for your tax records and send one set to CPEC, together with a copy of the closing statement and deed transferring title to you.

End of Exchange

When you have closed on the last identified property, or at the end of the 180-day exchange period, your exchange ends.  CPEC will return any unused proceeds to you.  In order to defer all gains, you should reinvest all of your proceeds in like-kind replacement property of equal or greater value and equity. Talk with your accountant or tax advisor to make sure this requirement is correctly satisfied.

Report The Exchange on Your Tax Return

 When you file your tax return for the year in which the relinquished property was transferred, you will need to attach IRS Form 8824 to report your exchange to the IRS.

  • Start Your 1031 Exchange: If you have questions about the 1031 Exchange Process, feel free to call me at 612-643-1031.

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