How to Offset Depreciation Recapture in a 1031 Exchange

1031 Exchange Recaptured Depreciation

If someone wanted to do a 1031 exchange strictly to offset depreciation recapture, is that allowed? That's our topic for this 1031 education article.

Depreciation Recapture Example

In this example - the person would be selling a property for $250,000 and basically have no excess cash once existing mortgages were paid off.

If the taxpayer did the 1031 exchange and identified/purchased properties of at least $250K or greater within the allowed time (and put $250K or more of mortgages on them) the taxpayer would just be able to carry forward his basis without any tax consequence? The qualified intermediary would sign the huds, but wouldn't really hold or transfer any cash in this scenario. Would this work?

Using 1031 to Recapture Depreciation

The short answer is yes. 1031 works for both gain from appreciation and also deprecation recapture.

The amount of debt they have is not necessarily related to the basis that they have for tax purposes, so even if they have little or no cash proceeds at closing, they may still have a big gain...and need to do a 1031 exchange.

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