How CPAs can Advise Their Clients on Reverse 1031 Exchanges

Reverse 1031 Exchanges

Reverse exchanges offer a lot of benefits in a hot seller’s market, but many taxpayers are unaware of how to properly utilize this effective tool. In this article, we are going to offer some tips that CPAs can use to advise their clients on reverse 1031 exchanges of real estate.

Use Reverse Exchanges in a Hot Seller’s Market

When the market favors sellers (as it does at the time of this writing), a reverse exchange can be a huge asset. Reverse 1031 exchanges operate a bit differently than standard forward exchanges. In a forward exchange, here is the order of operations:

  1. The taxpayer sells their relinquished property.

  2. The taxpayer identifies new replacement property.

  3. The taxpayer acquires their replacement property and reinvests their sales proceeds into it.

In a reverse exchange, the order of operations is reversed:

  1. The taxpayer acquires their new replacement property first.

  2. The taxpayer identifies their new replacement property in writing.

  3. The taxpayer sells their relinquished property and reinvests the sales proceeds into the replacement property.

Minnesota 1031 Exchanges of Real Property

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