Acquiring 1031 Property as an Individual vs. Corporation

1031 Property - Individual vs. Corporation

If I sell my property that was held in my individual name can I acquire my like-kind replacement property in my corporation? That’s our topic for conversation in this article.

Same Taxpayer Requirement

The short answer is no. Remember that the same taxpayer that sold the relinquished property needs to be the same tax payer that acquires the replacement property.

Oftentimes corporations are viewed as a separate or different taxpayer. They have their own EIN number, the stockholders may be the same as the owner of the relinquished property but they're probably not viewed as a disregarded entity or pass through for the purposes of 1031s.

Individual or Disregarded Entity

A more appropriate purchaser of the replacement property would either be the individual that owned the relinquished property or a disregarded entity such as an LLC that is wholly owned by the individual that sold to relinquished property.

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