1031 Case Study – Camp Grounds

1031 Exchange Case

Recently, we had a client come to us with an interesting 1031 exchange situation. This client owns a camp ground and wants to do a 1031 exchange. However, he lives on a portion of the camp ground. Is it possible to do a 1031 exchange in this situation? In this article, we are going to dive into this 1031 exchange case study and talk about the seller’s options.

Camp Ground 1031 Exchange

When sellers live on a portion on the real estate that they are exchanging, 1031 exchanges can get a little tricky. In this particular instance, the seller would want to allocate the gross purchase price into three or more categories:

  • 1031 real estate

  • 121 principal residence (which must be reasonable and substantiated)

  • Non-1031 personal property, goodwill and equipment (sell for remaining book value)

Memorialize this allocation in a written agreement between buyer and seller.

1031 Exchange Professionals

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