The Benefits of Tenancy-in-Common Property

Tenancy in Common

Being a Tenant in Common (TIC) gives the opportunity to investors to diversify their real estate investments as it is allows the ability to invest in more larger properties, rather than smaller properties. This also gives the potential of Increase in the Net Cash Flow. Ownership in Tenants in Common (TIC) properties gives the chance to increase cash flow, provides tax write-offs as well as property appreciation benefits. It is accomplished without a time commitment of active property management that otherwise is required, as the sole owner of the property.

Benefits of Tenancy-in-Common

Tenants in Common (TIC) include some of the following benefits:

  • The Scope for an Investment for larger properties.

  • Purchasing investment properties as tenants in common (TIC) allows an investor to invest in a large amount of properties similar to warehouses, shopping centers, industrial property, etc. which generally will cost a few million or more.

  • Allowing the diversifying of Real Estate Investments.

The Nation’s Leading Real Estate Companies have a source of investment properties and acquires a fixed rate, non-recourse financing with terms for Tenants In Common (TIC) owners. With the Tenants In Common (TIC) property investment, may gain the access to select, national real estate companies, who look for the investment properties for you. The companies can be referred to as TIC Identification companies and they generally provides extensive due diligence on the part of investors. These real estate companies, the lenders and the security companies conduct an extensive due diligence on the investment properties being offered to Tenants in Common (TIC). During the time and resources necessary are being provided in a scale far larger than the most individual investors are capable.

Tenants In Common (TIC) investment property locators use professional property and asset management teams to allow Tenant In Common (TIC) investors to have the benefits of real estate ownership, without the day-to-day property management.

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