Back Leg & Front Leg Reverse Exchanges

Back Leg Reverse Exchange

Reverse exchanges are one type of 1031 exchange that are a bit more complicated than the traditional forward exchange. Due to their complexities it’s important to take extra care when dealing with a reverse exchange. In this article, we are going to talk about the details and benefits of back leg and front leg reverse exchanges.

Reverse Exchanges

  • In a reverse exchange, the Exchange Accommodation Title holding Company (“ EAT ”) takes title to property and holds it for up to 180 days

  • Compared to forward exchanges, reverse exchanges are more costly and complicated

BACK LEG – Parking the Replacement Property

  • The exchangor must identify the relinquished properties that will be sold within 45 days.

  • This gets the new property into your hands after you have closed on the sale of the Relinquished Property.

FRONT LEG – Parking the Relinquished Property

  • Equity in replacement property must exist at the time of purchase equal to the amount of net proceeds that will result from the sale of the relinquished property.

  • Deed Tax may be paid twice.

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