What is the Last Step in the 1031 Exchange Process?

Last Step in a 1031 Exchange

We’ve talked a lot about the 1031 exchange process as well as the first step you need to take to begin your exchange. But what about the end of your exchange? In this article, we are going to talk about the last step in the 1031 exchange process.

Closing on the Replacement Property

The big final step in a 1031 exchange is the closing on the replacement property. During this process, you will move your net proceeds from the relinquished property into your new replacement property and defer your capital gains taxes in the process. After the closing is complete, don’t forget that you will need to report your exchange on your tax filing.

Beyond Your Exchange

Once your exchange is complete and you’ve successfully deferred your capital gains taxes, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you sold your property in the most tax-advantageous method possible. But don’t forget that 1031 exchanges allow you to defer your tax – which means you will still need to pay capital gains taxes if and when you sell your replacement property in the future. However, you can also opt to exchange that property and continue your tax saving if you so choose.

Finish Your 1031 Exchange

Finish your 1031 exchange and defer your capital gains taxes when selling real estate. The qualified intermediaries at Commercial Partners Exchange Company can help! Our intermediaries have two decades of experience facilitating exchanges throughout the United States. We have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your exchange goes as smoothly as possible. Contact our 1031 exchange professionals today to get your exchange up and running!

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