CPEC1031 - Commercial Partners Exchange Company, LLC is dedicated to helping owners of businesses and investment property defer their capital gains taxes on sale of property under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. No matter what you are hoping to exchange – aircraft, gold bullion, real estate, agricultural, or business equipment – our team of tax professionals and third party administrators is equipped to facilitate your 1031 exchange. We help people with all of the following types of exchanges:

If you want to keep your hard-earned equity working for you, compounding and building your wealth, contact us today to find out how you can defer the tax and MAXIMIZE your gain on the sale of property through a 1031 exchange.



Forward Exchanges

There are two basic types of 1031 exchanges: forward exchanges and reverse exchanges. In a forward exchange, the exchangor closes on disposition of their old property (aka the relinquished property) before they acquire their new replacement property.

Reverse Exchanges

A reverse 1031 exchange is one of the two basic forms of a 1031 exchange. In a reverse exchange, the exchangor acquires their new replacement property before closing on the sale of their old relinquished property. 


Agricultural Exchanges

Farm machinery and equipment holds its value, which can result in heavy and unforeseen taxation when selling. Before you sell your farm equipment, be sure to contact a qualified intermediary to see if you can defer your taxes with a 1031 exchange.

Aircraft Exchanges

Section 1031 of the internal revenue code applies to aircraft as well as other types of personal property. In order to qualify, both your old aircraft (relinquished property) and your new aircraft (replacement property) must both be used for investment or use in a trade or business.