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1031 Exchange Services in Rochester, MN

1031 exchange is a method by which you can avoid paying capital gains taxes on the sale of property. Contrary to popular belief, like-kind exchanges are not a "loophole" - they are outlined and defined in the Internal Revenue Code. In fact, they were created by Congress as a tool for boosting investment and economic growth.

Let's say you own an apartment complex just outside of Rochester that you're looking to sell. In a typical transaction, you would sell the property and then pay capital gains taxes on the net proceeds. In a 1031 exchange, you are able to defer those capital gains taxes by moving your proceeds into a bigger property - thus continuing your investment. So you would take the net proceeds from the sale, and move them into a bigger apartment complex in, say, downtown Rochester.


Take a look at some of the below resources that we've compiled to help you better understand the 1031 exchange process:

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