What’s the Difference Between Deferring & Avoiding Taxes?

Tax Deferral

When some people discuss the benefits of 1031 exchanges, they highlight how a 1031 exchange can help you “avoid” taxes. What they really mean is that 1031 exchanges can help you “defer” taxes. In this article, we are going to talk about the difference between tax deferral and tax avoidance.

Tax Avoidance

Put simply, avoiding taxes is illegal. The term “tax avoidance” implies that the taxpayer is actively working to avoid paying the taxes that they owe. This is different from the tax deferral benefits of a 1031 exchange. With tax deferral, you are simply postponing your tax payment until a later point in time – in this case, whenever you decide to sell your replacement property.

Tax Deferral

Tax deferral, on the other hand, is perfectly legal under the right circumstances – such as a 1031 exchange. A like-kind exchange allows you to defer (not avoid) your capital gains taxes when selling real estate. The difference is that you are deferring your taxes until a later date (if/when you decide to sell your replacement property), rather than avoiding them completely.

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