Tips for Using 1031 Proceeds Correctly & Effectively

1031 Proceeds

Is it possible to 1031 exchange your proceeds from a duplex into a single family home and then move into the home? Or do you need to rent the home first? That’s a great question, and our topic for today’s article.

1031 Requirements

In order to qualify for Section 1031, the new replacement property must be held either for productive use in a trade or business or for investment.

The U.S. Tax Court has said in a case called MOORE v COMMISSIONER, T.C. Memo 2007-134, May 30, 2007, that “personal use” such as a home or second home is antithetical to holding for the qualified purpose of investment/business. Renting the new replacement property for a substantial period of time would be prudent in order to satisfy the requirements for like-kind exchanges. See also IRS Pub 544 at page 12.

1031 Exchange Company in Minneapolis, MN

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