The Benefits of Syndicated Real Estate Investments

Syndicated Real Estate

If you're an older investor you might find that you are getting more conservative in your older years and there are many replacement property options that suit your more conservative position.

Investing by Age

In your younger days you were all about wealth accumulation. In your latter years you're more about wealth preservation and creating a steady stream of income.

To that end there are 1031 replacement property options that are all cash, debt free deals. There's no leverage or risk of having to refinance a property (or to pay off debt service). And if the economy starts to peter out you're going to be in a safe and steady investment.

Syndicated Real Estate

Syndicators such as AEI Fund Management in Saint Paul have properties that are available for people to purchase, assuming that they are accredited investors, that will be steady bastions of stability. In your latter years it's more about putting your wealth on a steady plain so that you can eventually pass the property to your heirs with a stepped-up basis. Meanwhile you want to create a steady stream of income. So debt free, all cash syndicated real estate Investments fill this unique niche in the market.

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