How to Know if My Property is Held for a “Qualifying Purpose”?

Qualifying Purpose

Qualifying purpose is one of the foundational guidelines of the 1031 exchange, but many people have questions about what qualifies a property for 1031 exchange. In this article, we are going to talk about how to determine whether or not your property is held for a qualifying purpose.

What is Qualifying Purpose?

Qualifying purpose is one of the fundamental rules governing 1031 exchange of real estate. All property involved in a given 1031 exchange needs to be held by the taxpayer for a qualifying purpose. So what exactly does “qualifying purpose” mean? In order to qualify for 1031 exchange treatment, your property must be held for investment purposes, or for productive use in your trade or business. Property held primarily for personal use is excluded from 1031 exchange treatments. For example, if you own an apartment building that you rent out to tenants, that would fall under the qualifying purpose guidelines, while your primary residence would not.

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