3 Tips for Making Sure You Defer 100% of the Tax in a 1031 Exchange

Defer 100% of the Tax

In an ideal world, all 1031 exchanges would result in 100% tax deferral. Unfortunately, that’s not reality. Due to a variety of factors, 1031 exchanges often result in partial or zero tax deferral. In this article, we are going to offer three tips for making sure you defer 100% of your capital gains taxes in a 1031 exchange.

Watch Your Deadlines

One basic reason why some 1031 exchanges fail is because they do not meet the necessary deadlines. Remember that you need to complete your 1031 exchange within 180 days. If you acquire your replacement property outside of that timeline, your exchange will fail and you will not be able to defer any of your capital gains.

Keep an Eye on Your Value, Equity & Debt

Another steadfast rule is that your replacement property needs to go up in value, equity, and debt compared to your relinquished property. If you do not meet this benchmark, you may only receive partial deferral.

Avoid Boot

Receiving any amount of cash proceeds during the exchange process will trigger taxable boot. You want to avoid this at all costs in order to defer 100% of your taxes.

Real Property Exchanges Under Section 1031

Deferring taxes on the sale of real property is easy under section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. At Commercial Partners Exchange Company, we have more than twenty years of experience working with clients all over the state of Minnesota and beyond with their exchanges of real estate. Reach out to our intermediaries today to learn more about the 1031 exchange process and how we can help with your next transaction.

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Defer the tax. Maximize your gain.


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